The village of Arshan, Republic of Buryatia, Russia. June 30 July 5, 2014.

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Scientific program of the Conference

 The program includes lectures of leading scientists (30 min.), as well as talks (15 min.) and poster presentations in the area of laser physics and luminescence. Considerable part of the program of the Conference is devoted to talks and poster presentations of young scientists, engineers, students and postgraduate students.
The conference includes the following topic sections:

1. High-intensity laser pulse interaction with optical media

Mechanisms of highly-nonlinear coloration of wide-bandgap crystals. Multiple filamentation and supercontinuum generation. Mechanisms of luminescence excitation by high-intensive super short laser pulses.

2. Spatial-selective interaction of light and matter

Investigations of properties of single atoms and molecules on substrates and in media. Laser luminescent micro- and nanoscopy. Overcoming the diffraction limit. Investigations of longitudinal and transverse selectivity of light interaction with condensed matter. 3D optical memory, 3D optical scanning of media.

3. Optics of artificially created quantum systems

Fundamental research of artificially created quantum systems obtained by methods of nano- and radiation-beam technologies. New sources of radiation based on single quantum systems. Luminescence of nanocrystals and color centers. 
4. Modern laser, luminescent and radiation methods and technology
New laser and luminescence applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, technics, industries and ecology. Promising materials, devices and equipment.

Hosts of the Conference

 Irkutsk Branch of Institute of Laser Physics of the Siberian Branch (SB) of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); Geochemistry Institute of SB of RAS; Irkutsk State University; Irkutsk Scientific Center of SB of RAS.

Conference coordinators

 Scientific Council on Optics and Laser Physics of RAS; Scientific Council on Luminescence of RAS, Young Researchers Council of Irkutsk Scientific Center of SB of RAS.

Conference Chairepson

 Academician Sergey N. Bagaev, Chairperson of Scientific Council on Optics and Laser Physics of RAS.

Program Committee

 E.F. Martynovich (Chair), A.I. Nepomnyashchikh, A.G. Vitukhnovskiy, A.P. Voitovich.

Advisory research council

V.G. Arkhipkin, A.T. Akilbekov, A.A. Apolonskiy, V.M. Baev, V.V. Bel`kov, M. Godlewski, S. Civis, B. Chaadra, A.S. Chirkin, G. Damamme, V.I. Denisov, A.V. Egranov, S.P. Feofilov, H.-J. Fitting, V.M. Gordienko, M.W. Sigrist, S.A. Zilov, V.S. Kalinov, M.A. Kazarian, V.P. Kandidov, D.R. Khokhlov, B.I. Kidyarov, S.M. Kobtsev, V.S. Kortov, E. Kotomin, K. Kral, O.N. Krokhin, A.S. Kurkov, T. Kurobori, V.M. Lisitsyn, Xuechun Lin, V.F. Losev, A.N. Lukin, A.Ch. Lushchik, A.A. Manshina, P. Martin, G.G. Matvienko, D.N. Matsyukevich, A.V. Naumov, N.G. Nikulin, V.A. Orlovich, I.S. Osad`ko, E.E. Penzina, E.V. Pestryakov, G. Petite, P.V. Pokasov, Yu.N. Ponomarev, Yu.M. Popov, V.E. Privalov, E.A. Radzhabov, A.M. Shalagin, T.S. Shamirzaev, E.A. Slyusareva, A.N. Soldatov, B.V. Shulgin, A.V. Taichenachev, M. Tani, V.F. Tarasenko, E.A. Titov, W. Tong, L. Trinklere, A.N. Trukhin, Chaoyang Tu, V.Yu. Yakovlev, K.S. Zhuravlev.

Organizing Committee

E.F. Martynovich (Chair), V.P. Dresvyanskiy (Vice-Chair – Scientific Secretary), A.V. Kuznetsov (Scientific Secretary for International Contacts), S.V. Boychenko, D.S. Glazunov, A.S. Emelyanova, N.L. Lazareva, N.T. Maximova, E.V. Milyutina, M.A. Moiseeva, A.A. Popov, T.Yu. Sizova, A. A. Shalaev, R. Yu. Shendrick, M.D. Zimin.

Languages of conference:  Russian, English.

Important dates:

Deadline for abstracts submissions: April 15, 2014.
Deadline for providing data for visa purposes (for details refer to section “Visa Support” below): May 15, 2014.
Publication of abstracts: before June 30, 2014.
Conference is held: June 30 – July 5, 2014.
Deadline for submission of lectures and papers – June 30, 2014.

Participation request

In order to take part in the conference it’s necessary to send a request to the Organizing Committee by e-mail before April 15, 2014.
Requests must include:
1. Registration form,
2. Abstracts.

Place of carriage, culture program

 The Conference will be hosted in one of the most scenic places near Sayan mountains – at Arshan village. Conference participants will be accommodated at the health resort “Sayany” and recreation houses “Novyi Vek” and “Lazarevs’ home”. Excursions in Tunka valley will be arranged.

Registration fee and participation fee

Registration fee is 3000 Russian Roubles (RUR). For undergraduate and graduate students and for accompanying persons a registration fee is 1500 RUR. Cost of an invitation is 500 RUR. Participants will be required to make these payments in Irkutsk in RUR.

Accommodation at the health resort “Sayany” with 3 meals per day costs about 1700 RUR daily. Accommodation at the recreation houses “Novyi Vek” and “Lazarevs’ home” per day costs 500-1500 RUR daily (depending on the room) without meals. Accommodation will be paid by participants after arriving the village of Arshan.

Conditions of accommodation are described at websites:
Recreation house “Novyi Vek” http://morebaikal.ru/hotels/detail/pansionat-novyi-vek/
Health resort “Sayany” http://www.v-arshane.ru/katalog/sanatoriy_sayany.html
Recreation house “Lazarevs’ home” http://www.baikalnature.ru/hotels/58393

The transfer of participants from Irkutsk to Arshan village and back will be organized with automobile transportation. Approximate cost of one-way transfer is 450 RUR. Participants will buy tickets in the bus.

Visa support

The Organizing Committee requires the following information in order to issue invitations to Russia for visa support:

1. Scan of passport pages which contain biographical particulars and a photo.

2. Information about person:
    a. Name, Surname (as in the international passport);
    b. Date of birth;
    c. Citizenship;
    d. International passport number, when and where issued and validity period.

3. Information about affiliation of invited person:
    a. The name and the mailing address of the place of work;
    b. Information on the kinds of activity of the organization of the invited person.

4. Proposed dates of visit to Russia.

5. Proposed Russian cities to be traveled through.

6. City where the Russian Consulate is located and where the participant will obtain their visa.

If you have accompanying persons on the planned trip, please provide the same information for all of them.

It takes about 1 month to issue an invitation.

Addresses and phones of the Organizing Committee

E-mail address: llph@bk.ru
Web site: http://www.llph.ru
Mailing address: Organizing Committee of LLPh-2014, Irkutsk Branch of Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS, Lermontov Str. 130a, Irkutsk, 664033, Russia
Phone: +7 902 56-12-179, Fax/Phone: +7 3952 51-21-60, +7 3952 51-14-38.


Registration form and abstract template

Registration form and abstract text are formed in a single file of doc or rtf format, file name contains the conference name, reporter’s last name, city and abbreviation of the organization/institution represented by the reporter. File name is typed in English letters; underline symbol is used for separating words (e.g. «LLPh2014_Petrov_Irkutsk_ISU.doc»). Language is Russian of English, word processing software - Word for Windows (Times New Roman font, size 14), maximum volume of abstract text- 2 (two) pages of А4 format, single line spacing, all margins - 25 mm (1 inch). Request is to be sent as an attachment to the e-mail to the organizing committee; subject line of the e-mail message must match file name.

The registration form table is placed on the 1stpage of the file. The second page is started with the name of paper, list of authors, name and address of the organization where the paper was prepared, as well as contact e-mail. After two blank lines the abstract text starts. Use of complicated mathematical expressions and/or pictures in abstracts is not recommended. If pictures are used in abstract, they are required to be duplicated in separate graphic files in .bmp or .jpg format. Pictures in abstract text must be put into a table of 2 lines or columns so that the first line/column contains picture and the second one contains a centered caption in Times New Roman font, size 12. Formulae must be typed in Microsoft equation (the tool included with MS Word). The list of cited sources may be placed at the end of the text, after a blank line, starting with the word «References»: (Italic). It is followed by the list of sources, numbered by Arabic digits. Source citations in text must be isolated by square brackets (e.g. «… in papers [1,2]»), no hyperlinks in text are allowed.

Manuscripts of lectures and papers publication

Manuscripts will be published in a special issue of refereed journal and on the web site http://elibrary.ru.


Registration Form of Participant of International Conference on Luminescence and Laser Physics

1 Full name (First, Surname)  
2 Date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY)  
3 Degree, title, position  
4 Form of participation
(Lecture, talk, poster, without presentation)
5 Paper Title in Russian (if applicable)  
6 Paper Title (in English)  
7 Full name of organization – place of work  
8 Full mailing address of the place of work, including country  
9 Contact information:
Home phone
Business phone and fax


Sample of Abstract:


A.A. Ivanov, B.B. Petrov

Irkutsk Branch of Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS,
664033, Irkutsk, Lermontov str. 130а, mail@mail.com


In this work authors...

Fig. 1. Description of the picture...


1.       J.A. Armstrong, N. Bloembergen, J. Ducuing, P.S. Pershan, Phys. Rev. , 127, 1918-1939, (1962).

3.       V.G. Bespalov, N.S. Makarov, Proc. SPIE , 4638, 30-40, (2002).